AFRICA 4X4 CAFE: Expert advice on Self Drive Overland Expeditions in East and Southern Africa.

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AFRICA 4X4 CAFE: Thorn Tree

Like the Stanley Hotel's legendary Thorn Tree the Africa 4x4 Café's Thorn Tree is a meeting place for people looking for like minded people to ride with, travel with, or even buy a car with!


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Laurence Hurter

I am actually planning an overland trip from South Africa (Kruger) down to Cape Town and up to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya and maybe Uganda.

I'd love to buy a car and to share my experiences/costs with some other (even if only a part). I am Swiss, 28years old, and have one year off to travel through Africa (mainly to discover more about its wildlife).

February 2018