AFRICA 4X4 CAFE: Expert advice on Self Drive Overland Expeditions in East and Southern Africa.

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AFRICA 4X4 CAFE: secondhand and used 4x4s for SALE in Africa:

NB: This is not a business - I provide free advice to people buying and selling vehicles in Africa.

Buyers beware, and this cannot be stressed too much, get a good mechanic to look over any vehicle you are interested in before parting with the cash. Mileage and specification may change - please ensure you get up to date information on items such as servicing and mileage before concluding any deal.


Fuel Calculator

The following table shows how MPG translates to "gallons per 100 miles" (GPHM) and gallons per 10,000 miles (GP10K), with small rounding:

MPG GPHM GP10K L/100 km
10 10 1,000 24
11 9 909 21
12.5 8 800 18.8
14 7 714 17
16.5 6 606 14.3
20 5 500 12
25 4 400 9.4
33 3 303 7.1
50 2 200 4.7
100 1 100 2.4

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Africa 4x4 Cafe

frica 4x4 Cafe

frica 4x4 Cafe

frica 4x4 Cafe

frica 4x4 Cafe

frica 4x4 Cafe

frica 4x4 Cafe

frica 4x4 Cafe

frica 4x4 Cafe







Mitsubishi Space Gear - P registered, 1997
  • Make: Mitsubishi
  • Model: Space Gear
  • CC: 2830
  • Gearbox: Automatic
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration: UK
  • Year of Registration: 1997
  • Current Location: Poland
  • KM: 122 000 miles
  • Price (GBP): 6,000
  • Date of last service: regularly serviced by myself, oil change every 5000kms, oil filter every 10 000kms etc.
  • History: Bought in UK. Took me over a year to modify it and than in 6 months we drove on the east coast of Africa from Europe via Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zim, RSA. The vehicle came on a roro ship back to UK.  
  • Extras:


  • 50W semi flexible solar panel mounted on the roof

  • Snorkel with a mushroom pre cleaner filter, which is designed to deliver excellent performance in a high dust environment. It simply separates the air from the dust leaving your air filter clean and snorkel lets you drive in high water

  • Set of 4 GoodYear Wrangler AT/SA 215,75R15 (allu wheel rim) with plenty of life left. They have the Kevlar inserts to prevent punctures (Silent Armor) and thanks to the newest technology they respond very well on the wet surface, are very economic for AT tires, silent.

  • Suspension lift

  • Custom made robust roof rack with:

  • Custom made, watertight chest, with two separate compartments for all your spare parts, secured with two outdoor watertight padlocks and 4 latches on both sides. Enables you to watch the wildlife from the top of your vehicle while seated

  • Ladder, which when not used folds back securely to the back of the roof rack preventing unauthorized people from accessing the roof rack area

  • Cargo on the roof rack is secured with a padlocked steal line as well as belts, to keep it in desired and safe position

  • Padlockable spare wheel secured holder

  • 3 x 30L heavy duty jerry cans for fuel and water reserve

  • Small, plastic barrel used for automatic laundry making

  • 2 x spare wheels (1xallu, 1xsteel wheel rim) with Matador AT 235,75R15 with plenty of life left

  • Custom made underbody bash plates / guards (please see photos)

  • Reverse parking mirror

  • Spare parts like universal joints for the drive shaft (front and rear), oil filters (changed every 3100 miles=5000 kms)

  • Windows covered with the privacy mirror foil

  • 20L solar shower mounted on the roof rack

  • Funnel for diesel with a filter

  • Underbody covered with Waxoil

  • Rear differential protected with ceramizer additive

  • Spare rear number plate for trailer

  • Spare liquids for the radiator, brakes and automatic gear box

  • Under the rear bumper beam to increase safety

  • Project and alarm warning stickers


  • Fully working A/C completely serviced 7 months ago

  • Electric windows and mirrors

  • Fully working netbook MSI U100 white (battery, cover and UK power adaptor)

  • Car stereo working with Bluetooth, mp3, cd, USB and more

  • 180 deg rotating passenger seat so you can enjoy more space inside once parked

  • Padlockable pull-out bed, which is a secured storage at the same time. Inside there are two personal storage compartments as well as aux / leisure battery, power inverter, camping chairs and more

  • 110 Ah well looked after, deep cycle leisure battery with 500 rechargeable cycles (never went below 12,3 volts) on warranty till 26.11.2015, which can be charged from the solar panel on the roof or from the alternator in the engine.. you choose so the overcast days are not a problem

  • 1000W power inverter will satisfy all your everyday needs

  • Three UK power points

  • 2 digital voltmeters (1 for the engine and 1 for the leisure battery) on the dashboard will inform you constantly about the state of the battery

  • Dual solar controller lets you decide, how the battery should be charged from the solar panel (eg. 0%front 100%rear or 50%front 50%rear or 90%front 10%rear) Once one battery will be fully charged all the electricity will go to the other one. Overcharge and reverse charge protection

  • Thanks to the charge monitor you can see how efficient is the sun energy and what’s the status of the connected batteries

  • In emergency situations when for whatever reason your main/engine battery will go low you can always give it a boost by connecting the two batteries (front and rear) simply with a click of a button

  • Additional USB and 3 x “cigarette lighter” sockets available in the dashboard (connected to the aux/leisure battery) for all your accessories like cellphones, tablets, battery charging and many, many more….
  • Custom made set of mosquito nets, which can be put on every window, sliding and rear door, so you can enjoy the evening breeze without the annoying presence of the mosquitos

  • Custom made set of curtains, which makes the inside of the vehicle pretty dark even in the day light for a comfortable sleep and enhanced privacy.

  • Kitchen stove with some spare butane cartridges

  • Cooking gear like pots, pans, kettle, plates and more

  • Foldable table, so it doesn’t stay in your way when you don’t need it

  • Very efficient ventilation system ( 2 x ball-bearing large ventilators with regulated speed which are responsible for the global circulation of the air in the vehicle and 2 x personal small usb vents, with a holding clamp, long cable and flexible mounting, so you can place them precisely where you need them

  • 2 x camping chair

  • Indoors lights

  • 2 x 25L water tanks

  • Aluminum sun shield to keep the water tanks cool even on a hot day

  • 3 x extra storage “bike begs”

  • Some tools and bits and pieces which might be useful like for example duct tape, bulbs, lubricants, oil filter key etc.

  • Terminals set and the terminal crimping tool

  • Spare fuses to the whole electric installation 10 – 130 A

  • 2 x windscreen sun shade

  • Engine protected with ceramizer additive

  • 2 x massaging seat mat with wooden beads

  • Hammock mounting inside the vehicle for extra sleeping space or just for fun of lying in shade on the hammock on a hot day…
  • Service manual in English

  • 2 x multipurpose bowls for example for changing the engine oil

  • Air intake protected with a very fine filter to prevent dust coming into the inside of the vehicle

  • Lonely Planet guide book “Africa” 2010

  • Inside finished off with veltrim and vinyl carpeting

  • There is plenty of well hidden storage space

    Safety and Rescue Equipment

  • Central lock

  • Alarm system + immobilizer + vibration sensor

  • 2nd manual immobilizer hidden in a secret place. When it’s not on it is not possible to start the engine even with the key in your hand. This vehicle cannot be stolen.

  • Secret, hidden compartment for your valuables

  • Drivers air bag

  • 2 x 9 meter of heavy duty steel line with shackles, to tow you out of trouble

  • 2 x warning triangles

  • 2 x lift jack (1 x trolley and 1 x bottle lift jacks)

  • 2 x wheel hey ( 1 x L shaped and 1 x cross shaped)

  • EURO PACK (first aid kit, hi visibility vest, beam correction stickers)

  • Tire foot pump

  • Compressor to pump your tyres (cigarette lighter socket)

  • A set of steel wheel rim nuts for the spare wheel

  • Foldable shovel

  • 1kg car dedicated fire extinguisher

  • Many more pictures available!

Price: 6,000 GBP

Posted: March, 2014



Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.

Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.

Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.





Nissan Patrol 4.5 EFI GRX with lots of EXTRAS

  • Make: Nissan

  • Model: Patrol

  • CC: 4478

  • Gearbox: Manual

  • Fuel: Petrol

  • Country of Registration: South Africa

  • Year of Registration: 1999

  • Current Location: Cape Town, SA

  • KM: 212000 km now; at the end of trip ~220000 km

  • Price (EUR): 14000 ono

  • Date of last service: Last service at 198000 km by Nissan DTM in Cape Town, we will do another full service in the middle of our trip in Zambia at around 214000 km.

  • History: Bought car in South Africa Cape Town in January 2013 in excellent road conditions for a trip through the southern African countries (estimated 15000km). One previous owner who only used the car for camping trips. The yearly road certificate is valid until Jan 2014.

  • Extras (in excess of 8500 EUR)
    • Bocar (Aluminium) Bullbar
    • 2 x Spots – Front
    • WARN winch with distance cable hand control
    • Front and Back tow bars – special for recovery
    • Safari Snorkel
    • Branch Deflectors
    • Thomas Tyres compressor fitted plus extra-long Pipe and Gauge
    • Freezer with cover – 80lt WAECO (12v + 220V)
    • Dual Battery System
    • Front runner roof carrier
    • 2 x jerry can holders and 4 cans (20lt each)
    • 55 liter water tank with tap fitted plus pipe
    • EEZY awn rooftop tent 1.4m width and special Canvas slide in room underneath for privacy
    • 2 x Spare wheels on rims (1 x fitted)
    • Spare wheel cover with garbage bag
    • Iron Man Shocks for height clearance
    • Front and back hi lift jack connection points x 4 for tyre change or recovery
    • “CHIP” by Steve’s Auto Clinic stage 2 - 183kw
    • Main tank 80 Lt & Sub tank 40Lt = Total 120Lt
    • Spade holder and Spade
    • Hi-lift jack holder with hi-lift jack and base plate
    • Electrical power charging wire for off road trailer or caravan from battery system
    • Back Spot
    • Tracker (to be re-instated if you wish so
    • Tyres – Special size for height clearance
    • 3 storage boxes
    • Gas bottle refillable
    • Cooking utensils
    • Picnic chair and table


Price: 14,000 Euro

Posted: Mar, 2013

Available: SOLD


land Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.

Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.

Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.





LandRover Forward Control Series 2B

Make: LandRover

Model: Forward Control 2B

CC: 3.5l

Gearbox: Manual, Righthand drive, AWD

Fuel: Petrol

Country of Registration: South Africa

Year of Registration: 1985

Current Location: Cape Town, SA

KM: 13,000 (new Chevy V8 engine last year)

Price (USD): 22,000

Date of last service: July 2012 when LandRover gearbox was reconditioned by RoverLand, Cape Town. Full service included full electrical revision and update of all details and extras to accord to new SA Roadworthy rules. Roadworthy test certificate. Martin Holland at RoverLand can attest to the vehicle's condition and reliability.

History: Vehicle was converted into a camper by SA round-the-world overlander Jan Vorster. It is one of about 30 army ambulances converted by Vorster. We bought it just over a year ago in Johannesburg and are selling it because we are leaving southern Africa. We have used it for several trips around South Africa on and off road. It is equipped to the highest standards and absolutely ready-to-travel.

Extras: Power steering. Last year it was repainted inside and out, new upholstery fitted and burglar proofing on all cabin windows. Double anti smash-and-grab on all windows and front windcreen. Velcro-sealed roll-up mosquito netting on camper windows and door. Stone chip roof, towbar at back, tow-rings at front, racks for holding two extra jerrycans. Four-seater dinette with swivel drop-down table converts into large double bed. Large storage locker and wardrobe. Fresh water tank: 100 litres. External 220V cable connection and 2 wall sockets. Demand water pumps (12V). Hot water geyser (gas), gas stove, stainless steel sink, foldaway shower cubicle with foldaway basin, portable chemical toilet and all chemicals, 3-way (gas/mains/battery) Freezer, 3-way fridge, full sets of quality plates bowls, glasses, cups, cutlery. Lined curtains, new cushions, interior fans, external light. Eezi Awn awning.

Equipment: 2 Deltec deep cycle batteries, 2 new heavy duty petrol pumps, 2 petrol tanks (total 200l) - rear tank is new.

Price: 22,000 USD

Posted: Jan, 2013

Available: SOLD!


Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.

Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.

Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.



LandRover Disco I - N registered, 1996
  • Make: LandRover 

  • Model: Discovery I 300TDI

  • CC: 2485

  • Gearbox: Manual

  • Fuel: Diesel

  • Country of Registration: UK

  • Year of Registration: 1996

  • Current Location: Malawi

  • Miles: 172 000

  • Price (USD): 7000 ono

  • Date of last service: July 2012 Done by myself

  • History: Bought in UK, drove to Malawi in 2010/2011 and I have been using it here ever since

    I fitted a new timing belt, fan belt tensioner, water pump, fuel lift pump and heavy duty suspension front and rear, plus 4 new 205 R 16 tyres in 2011, only done 10,000 miles

  • Extras: No extra mods done apaofrt from upgrading suspension and a amplifier instead a stereo

  • Carnet de passage: Runs out this month but will be putting it on a temporary import permit

  • Available after new year 2013

  • 3 pictures: One in Egypt, Sudan and Malawi, please note it has no roof rack now.

  • Spares:  Caliper sets, Fuel Lift Pump, Hoses, Tools, Waffle Boards, Fuel Can, Water Can, Basic Camping Table, 2 Portable Cookers, Shovel and Bulbs etc.

Price: 5,000 USD

Posted: Nov, 2012

Available: SOLD



Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.

Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.

Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.




Toyota Hilux Surf - UK Registered


  • Make: Toyota

  • Model: Hilux Surf

  • CC: 2446

  • Gearbox: Manual

  • Fuel: Diesel

  • Country of Registration: United Kingdom

  • Year of Registration: 2000 (year of import)

  • Year of Manufacture: 1993

  • Location for sale: Pretoria, SA or neighbouring countries from December 2012 - 12 Jan 2013

  • KM: currently 255,000km, but driving car to SA from London, so approx 275,000km on sale

  • Date of last service: Toyota dealer safety check & full service August 2012


Toyota Hilux Surf originally registered in Japan in 1993, imported to the UK in 2000 and been used mostly for short trips and daily usage. The engine, gearbox and other mechanics are all in good working condition, including the electrics.

Toyota Hilux is very popular in Africa and spare parts should be readily available throughout. The 2.4l diesel engine is economical, sufficient to get itself out of trouble or tow a large caravan. The manual gearbox is straight forward and should last a long time.

We will leave the UK in September 2012 and arrive in South Africa late December 2012/early January 2013. Our final destination is likely to be around Johannesburg area. Last country of visit likely to be Botswana.

  • Front bull bar, 2" suspension lift, new shocks and springs, 16" rims and new tyres.
  • Sony radio and cd player with amplifier
  • Two 20l metal jerry cans
  • Two high strength sand ladders
  • A variety of camping equipment (cooking, sleeping, etc)

Price: 4,000 GBP

Posted: June, 2013

Available: SOLD!



Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.


Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.


Africa 4x4 Cafe: self drive safaris in east and southern africa.


Toyota Landcruiser - Zambian Registered

  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Landcruiser Prado KZJ78
  • Year: 1994
  • Engine: 1KZT-E 3L Turbo Diesel (2982cc)
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Fuel Capacity: 80L (180L with Jerry Cans)
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Kilometers: 205,000Km (estimated at point of sale)
  • Drive: Right Hand Drive
  • Country of Registration: Zambia

  • Modifications:
  • New 1KZ-TE Cylinder Head (fitted in Lusaka at 190,000Km). Toyota genuine head with genuine gaskets. Also replaced radiator with genuine Toyota at ~195,000Km to prevent problem recurring.
  • Garmin Nuvi 205W GPS with Tracks4Africa 11.10 Maps.
  • 2" Ironman 4x4 Suspension Lift Kit (with steering damper) fitted at 172,000Km in Zambia. 
  • 4x BF Goodich Mud Terrain T/A KM2 Tyres (fitted at 180,000Km in Namibia) with Locking Wheel Nuts 
  • 2x Falken Landair/AT Traction spare tyres (one on rear and one on roof)
  • Eezi-Awn Jazz Tent 1.2m (fitted at 180,000Km in Nambia) Better product photos here 
  • Custom Roof Rack with 2x Lockable 20L Jerry Can Holders
  • 5x 20L Jerry Cans (including two on roof) bringing total fuel capacity to 180L
  • Dual Battery System with Exide Starting and Exide 100aH Deep Cycle Battery with Redarc SBI12 Isolator
  • 40L Engel 12/240V Refrigerator
  • 12-240V 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter (for charging Laptops/Cameras/Phones/iPod on the go)
  • Safari Snorkel Clone
  • Aussie Locker XD-20830 Auto Locking Differential in Rear 
  • Hella 700FF Spotlights mounted on Front Bumper (extra large and super bright) 
  • Braai (BBQ) which mounts to rear spare tyre
  • 35% Tinting on all windows except Windscreen (to stop people looking in)
  • Manual Locking Hubs to replace the factory electric ones which have a history of failure.
  • Safety Equipment: Fire Extinguisher and Triangles
  • Shovel


This car was imported from Japan into Zambia in 2005 by an American Embassy worker who owned the car until 2009. It was subsequently purchased by an Australian VSO Volunteer who owned the car for 18 months before selling it to us in November 2010. She have successfully completed trips through Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe multiple times, tackled the sand in Chobe National Park in Botswana many times and seen much of Zambia before commencing on the East Africa journey from Zambia to Ethiopia.

The car has been well maintained with regular oil and filter changes (5,000Km interval) and has had many modifications made to transform it from a Japanese 'soccer mum' car into a true African Overland 4x4. We will have driven from Zambia to Ethiopia by the time you collect the car and fully expect it to be a reliable 4x4 capable of driving from Addis to Cape Town.

Price: 15,000 USD

Posted: July 2012

Available: SOLD


Bedford MK -
Model: MK (like a MJ but multfuel so
can run on diesel or av gas or cooking oil)
Gearbox: Manual
Country of Registration: UK
of Registration: 2001 (built in 1978 )
Current Location: Currently in
de Passage or the buyer can organise import into South
Africa .
Extras: Spare wheel, 5 water
containers extra fuel tank,.sound
system, power inverter, compressed air pump,hand
winch,spades,gas stove.
The truck his PVC slid down windows on the side for the passengers, with bench seating in the back and large amount of storage under the seats....Its registered as a camper, needs a truck licence to drive ( probably get away with a 7.5 t licence)

Would want to sell on the border so we can remove our Carnet de Passage, it will be in Capetown from July.....wanting a quick sell









Bedford MK
  • Make: Bedford
  • Model: MK (like a MJ but multfuel so can run on diesel or av gas or cooking oil)
  • CC: 5900
  • Gearbox: Manual 
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration: UK
  • Year of Registration: 2001 (built in 1978)
  • Current Location: Currently in Ghana
  • KM: 75 000km (currently 50,000 but will have 75 on completion of the trip)
  • Price (USD): 2000
  • Date of last service: May 2016

  • History: Bought in the UK ( right hand drive) ,its ex british army,done very little km, currently in Iceland,will be driving it to capetown via the west coast taking passangers. The truck needs to be taken to the Zim or Moz border so i can release the Carnet de Passage or the buyer can organise import.

  • Extras: Spare wheel, 10 water containers ( 20 l) extra fuel tank,solur pannel.sound system, power inverter, comprressed air pump,hand winch,spades,gas stove.

    The truck his PVC slid down windows on the side for the passengers, with bench seating in the back and large amount of storage under the seats....Its registered as a camper, needs a truck licence to drive ( probably get away with a 7.5 t licence)

  • Would want to sell on the border so we can remove our Carnet de Passage, it will be in Capetown from July.....wanting a quick sell!

Price: 2,000 GBP

Posted: July 2012

Available: Now

Location: Currently in DRC


Africa 4x4 Cafe - self drive 4x4 adventures in Africa

Africa 4x4 Cafe - self drive 4x4 adventures in Africa

Africa 4x4 Cafe - self drive 4x4 adventures in Africa

Africa 4x4 Cafe - self drive 4x4 adventures in Africa

Africa 4x4 Cafe - self drive 4x4 adventures in Africa

Toyota Landcruiser Prado 3.0 Turbodiesel, registered, 1994

  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Landcruiser Prado (LHD)
  • CC: 2982
  • Engine:1KZ-T engine (new cylinder head, mech. injection, 3.0 turbo diesel, 125hp)
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration: Germany
  • Year of Registration: 1994
  • Current Location: Tanzania or Kenya
  • KM: 190 000km
  • Price (USD): 16,000 ono
  • Date of last service: Full service in Windhoek 12/2011
  • History: Bought in Germany in 2010 and have done one overland trip through Southern Africa (mainly overlanding not off-roading)

  • Extras:
    • 2x difflock
    • OME suspension
    • 6x BF Goodrich AT 235/85 16R (80%)
    • Alu radiator
    • Roof rack
    • Roof top tent ( Howling Moon Deluxe Stargazer 140)
    • 200 l extra tank
    • 100 l water tank + pump
    • winch (10t)
    • 60 l fridge
    • 2x gel batteries
    • 4x extra headlights
    • ARB compressor
    • alu sand ladders
    • 3x fire extinguisher
    • complete recovery kit (unused)
    • complete kitchen
    • chairs and table
    • lots tools, lots spare parts.

  • Carnet de passage paperwork valid until August 2012 (can be extended)

Price: 16,000 USD

Posted: June 2012

Available: Sold!


Tata 4x4 safari truck

Tata Military 4x4 Truck

  • Make: TATA

  • Model: MILITARY ISSUE LP713S 4X4

  • CC: 5 900 CC

  • Gearbox: MANUAL

  • Fuel: DIESEL

  • Country of Registration: JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA

  • Year of Registration: 2008 (NEW)


  • KM: 33,000KM

  • Date of last service: FEBRUARY 2012 (AGENTS)

  • Cost: 1.2 million - will accept 650,000 ZAR






Price: 650,000 ZAR

Posted: May, 2013

Available: Now!

Location: Jo'burg, RSA

Enquire about this vehicle.


landrover TDi






Land Rover 110 Defender, 2006 (TDI engine)
  • Model: 110 DEFENDER
  • CC: 2498
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration: South Africa
  • Year of Registration: 2006
  • Current Location: Cape Town
  • KM: approx 220,000km
  • Price (USD): 17,800 USD, negotiable
  • Date of last service: Last full service was done by Landrover specialists in Cape Town in Aug 2012. Regular maintenance service every 10,000km since.

  • History: The Kalahari TDi Defender is a very sort after model, designed to cope with the harsh African environment. Unlike the TD5 model, the Kalahari has very few electrics (still has air con, just no central locking or electric windows etc), and was manufactured to be all-round simpler and more reliable. The vehicle is in excellent condition and was purchased off a couple who completed a round trip from SA through Nam, Bots, Zamb, Mal, & Moz (I purchased off Africa 4x4 cafe and all went great!). I am now undertaking a round trip from SA through Nam, Bots, Zam, Tanz, Rwa, before returning through, Tanz, Mal, Moz and Zim. Prior to these two overland trips the vehicle was owned by a very reputable Safari company (where it was fully kitted out for overlanding), and prior to that had one original private owner from new. The vehicle is completely prepared to undertake its next trip with all equipment and tools to jump in and get on the road immediately, just need to stock the fridge with a few cold beers!

    *If overlanding for the first time the owner can also assist with any general enquires along with the change of ownership, registration & licensing proccesses

  • Roof top tent (excellent condition)
  • Long range 120L fuel tank
  • 40L inbuilt water tank
  • Winch
  • 4 x Bridgestone Dualler A/T tyres (new at start of trip) & 2 x BFG used spares.
  • Brand new Hi-Lift jack
  • 2 x 20L Jerry cans on roof mount
  • Pioneer Stereo with USB plug and remote
  • 40L Fridge 
  • Set of containers for storage of belongings/food.
  • Complete set of recovery equipment, ropes etc.
  • Complete set of tools
  • Air compresser
  • Medical Kit
  • Lockable storage compartments, 1 inside rear cabin, and 2 accessible from outside - replacing rear windows
  • Axe, Shovel, Fire Extinguishers, Roadside Triangles, Hi-Viz Vest
  • Binocualrs and set of detailed Maps for Southern Africa
  • 2 x Gas bottles with cooking & lighting attachments
  • Complete set of pots/pans, cooking equipment, plates and cutlery etc.
  • Spares, belts, filters, oil, lubricants, grease gun etc

Price: 17,800 USD

Posted: Sept 2012

Available: N/A

Location: N/A



Buying and selling second hand 4x4s in East and Southern Africa.



NISSAN PATROL - Kenyan registered - 1993

  • Make: NISSAN
  • Model: PATROL
  • CC: 4200
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration: Kenya
  • Year of Registration: 1993
  • Current Location: Nairobi , Kenya
  • KM: 240,000km
  • Price (USD): 11500 ono
  • Date of last service: Full service every 5000km
  • History: Bought in Nairobi in August 2011 and have done one overland trip to South Africa and back. Original owner – United Nations (UN)

Recent maintenance and upgrades:

  • 4× Brand new extreme off-road tyres, valued at $1200 USD;
  • New heavy duty suspension (4× coil springs), valued at $800 USD;
  • New exhaust system and hanging brackets, valued at $350 USD;
  • Refurbished steering ball joints, wheel alignment, wheel balancing and sway bar bushing.  Makes for excellent handling on and off-road;
  • New battery, valued at $100 USD;
  • Heavy load roof rack;
  • New headlights.

Ideally suited for overland travel:

  • Long range fuel capacity (approx 900km)
  • Good fuel economy (average 11.6L per 100km);
  • Heavy duty bull bar;
  • Air intake snorkel;
  • High lift jack;
  • Heavy load roof rack;
  • 2× Spare tyres;
  • Quality Sony Stereo;
  • Extremely reliable and hassle free.  Starts first time, every time;
  • All overlanding equipment included in sale price.

Overland equipment included in sale:

  • Tent (2 person);
  • Bedding;
  • Table and 2× chairs
  • 2× Gas bottle (East and South Africa)
  • Gas cooker
  • BBQ;
  • Pots, pans and all cutlery;
  • 6-pack cooler fridge;
  • 2× chilly bins;
  • Water containers and jerry cans;
  • Storage containers;
  • Tool Box;
  • Jumper leads;
  • 4WD recovery equipment;

Very reasonably priced to enable quick sale.  Can assist with paperwork for non-residents.

  • Carnet de passage paperwork valid until September 2012

  • COMESA available
Price:   11,500 USD

Posted: December 2011

Available: SOLD!





AFRICA 4X4 CAFE: secondhand and used 4x4s for SALE in Africa:

AFRICA 4X4 CAFE: secondhand and used 4x4s for SALE in Africa:

AFRICA 4X4 CAFE: secondhand and used 4x4s for SALE in Africa:





Toyota Landcruiser VX - UK registered - 1996

  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Landcruiser VX
  • CC: 4164
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration: UK
  • Year of Registration: 1996
  • Current Location: UK to Kenya by ship
  • KM: 210 000km
  • Price (USD): 31,000 ono
  • Date of last service: Full service by UK Landcruiser dealership in Dec 2011. Will be serviced in RSA.
  • History: 2 previous owners, always remained in UK and never used for towing or exped until recently bought in Nov 2011. Intend to drive 16,000 km from Kenya to RSA (via Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Zim, Namibia, Botswana). Trip will happen from jan 12-1 may 12
  • Extras:
  • NEW 9500lb Champion Winch (wireless control) and bumper
  • NEW OME strongest suspension upgrade and lift
  • NEW BF Goodrich AT Tyres on black alloy wheels
  • NEW snorkel and roof rack
  • HD motorcycle rack on rear (tested to hold up to 300kg bike)
  • Aircon, heated seats,
  • NEW 40lt fridge (33 Celsius below ambient)
  • 12v auxiliary power system/ inverter
  • 4 x Fuel cans (20lt), 2 x water cans (20lt)
  • Internal sleeping system and mattresses
  • Full break down kit (complete tirfor rear winch system, bottle and air jack)
  • 2 x 12v booster packs, tools, spares
  • Tinted rear windows
  • NEW window screen.

  • 2008 KTM 530 EXC with only 90 hrs riding.
    Very good condition 8500USD Ono 
  • Carnet de passage details TBC

Price: 31,000 USD ono

Posted: December 2011

Available: SOLD




Buying and selling 4x4s in Africa

Buying and selling 4x4s in Africa




Toyota Landcruiser - 1995 - UK registered

  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Landcruiser HDJ80 turbo diesel
  • CC: 4200
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration: UK
  • Current Location: Nairobi, Kenya
  • KM: 338,500 km
  • Ownership: 4th owner, full service history for last 52K.
  • Features: 5 Door, Electric Windows, Radio, Central Locking,
    Immobiliser, Independent Front, Rear and Central Differential Locks,
  • History: Rodders, as he is affectionately known, was bought in Cape
    Town, December 2011. In addition to daily checks, the car has been
    serviced every 5000km (filters, fluids, lubrication and full check).
    The car has proven to be very reliable, durable and comfortable. Can
    provide service record for last 52,000 miles.

    Currently in Nairobi, Kenya, we drove the vehicle up from Cape Town
    following mainly tarsealed roads but venturing into game parks and a
    few 4WD roads on the way.

  • Extras:
  • Safari Snorkel
  • 2” OME Suspension lift
  • Reconditioned Gearbox (165,000 miles)
  • Rebuilt front axle (190,000 miles)
  • 3 BF Goodrich AT tyres (2 rear and 1 spare locked to rear
    undercarriage) and 2 Yokohama AT tyres, all with locking wheel nuts
  • APB Roof Rack with spare mounts
  • 2 Front Runner double Jerry Can holders
  • 4 Jerry Cans (locked to roofrack)
  • 1.6m Eezi Awn Roof Tent T-top model (comes with awning for a downstairs room)
  • Auxiliary Battery Charge System (Rolls 12V, 115 AH deep-cycle gel acid battery, CTek D250S Dual Charger, and battery monitor)
  • 80 watt solar panel in protective roof box, Stecca Solsum 10 amp solar charge controller
  • LED lights & 12V Cigarette Sockets (connected to the Auxiliary Battery via a 25 point fuse panel)
  • 30L IndelB TB31 12/240v refrigerator/freezer
  • Hi Lift Jack (including base plate)
  • Hi Lift Jack adaptors & fixed jacking points
  • Sand ladders
  • Steering wheel lock
  • Engine immobiliser
  • Locking Rear Drawer Storage System with rail attachment points for
    securing cargo
  • 2 Vehicle Safes – one floor safe and one hidden in the boot
  • Window tinting on four doors
  • Fully opaque Vinyl on boot section (fantastic for keeping out prying eyes!)
  • A variety of safety equipment – fire extinguisher, safety blanket,
    safety triangles etc
  • 6 kg gas bottle and 3-burner stove
  • Some camping equipment including folding chairs, table, 7 'wolf box' storage system, guidebooks, Garmin GPS, etc....
  • Extensive spare parts, mostly genuine Toyota...enquire for full list

  • Carnet: Currently on a Carnet de Passage valid until Feb. 2013. Buyer will need to arrange their own Carnet, and return our completed Carnet to the RAC upon leaving Kenya.

Price: 10,000 GBP ono

Posted: May 2012

Available: SOLD



Buying and selling 4x4s in Africa

Buying and selling 4x4s in Africa

Buying and selling 4x4s in Africa




Nissan Terrano - SA Reg - France

  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: Terrano II, 4x4 Intercooler
  • CC: 2.7 TDI
  • Gearbox: Manual, hi/lo range gearbox
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration : South Africa
  • Year of Registration : 1999
  • Current Location : Ingwiller, Alsace, France, (50ks from Strasbourg), close to German border
  • KM: 247,000 km
  • Date of last service : Full service by Peter Graf, Germany, post-safari in June 2011.  This service included a completely reconditioned gearbox, new engine mounts, front shocks, suspension, full oils and filter changes, lubricants and liquids, grease points etc.  Serviced in Nairobi Mar 2011.  Previous major services with Nissan Pretoria in South Africa sin Dec 2010. Clutch replaced in Sep 2009. Invoices are available.  Vehicle kept in dry inland conditions in South Africa; there is no rust on this vehicle.  We used 60/40 on/off road tyres, Goodyear and a "made in china" brand, which were absolutely fine for our journey.  You can of course spend hundreds on the BF Goodrich All Terrrains if you prefer.  As per South African regulations this vehicle was issued with a "Roadworthy" certificate when we bought it in Jan 2009.
  • History: Bought in South Africa in Jan 2009 as our family car while we were living in South Africa for two years.  The one previous owner was "in the trade" and manager of a Total Service station in Sandton, Johannesburg. We decided to drive back to Europe in Jan 2011 with our two children aged 7 and 5.  The overland trip to Europe mostly followed main roads and major tracks.
  • Extras: EXTERNAL: South Africa Front Runner Wind Cheetah aluminium black powder coated roof rack, , with six tie-down rings; modular attachments for 2x jerry cans, 1x diesel and 1x fresh water; modular attachment for CADAC gas bottle; 2x large ammo storage boxes, 1x water/dustproof bag enclosed in Front Runner rooftop transit bag; roof rack mounted rain and dust, waterproof box for charcoal, fire wood or trash etc; tow hook; 75 litre diesel tank.  INTERNAL: CD radio/cassette; A/C; rear bench seat and middle bench seats removable if desired; 3x large ammo storage boxes and 3x small ammo storage boxes - exact fit for vehicle boot width for internal modular storage; separate house battery and solenoid fitted Dec 2010 with 2x power sockets for fridge and external light in rear; 500W 240v inverter, suitable for laptop, camera, iPod, phone etc
  • Carnet de passage : We cancelled our Carnet de Passage issued by the South Africa AA for this vehicle on our arrival in Europe.  However if necessary we can assist in securing a new Carnet through a relevant Carnet body such as the RAC UK, AA SA, or possibly ADAC Germany.  You will need to leave a deposit related to the value of this vehicle or provide an equivalent insurance bond, and pay the up-front costs for issuing the document.  We bought a 10 page, 6 month Carnet in South Africa and, where possible, used TIPs (Temporary Import Permits). 
  • Look no further  if you want an unparalleled overland experience from Europe to Cape Town and you want to easily transfer ownership of the vehicle at the end of your trip!  This is all that you will need; a South Africa registered vehicle currently in Europe and wanting to "go home" and your Passport!
Price:   145,000 Rand

Posted: December 2011

Available: Available NOW!

Location: France

Enquire about this vehicle


Africa 4x4 Cafe - Buying and selling 4x4 vehicles in East and South Africa

Africa 4x4 Cafe - Buying and selling 4x4 vehicles in East and South Africa

Africa 4x4 Cafe - Buying and selling 4x4 vehicles in East and South Africa






Land Rover in South Africa ... with Kenyan registration...perect for safari

  • Make: Land Rover
  • Model: Discovery 300 Tdi
  • CC: 2500
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration: Kenya
  • Year of Registration: 1994
  • Current Location: Jo'burg
  • KM: 268 000km
  • Price (USD): 6000 obo
  • Date of last service: Oil and filters changed Namibia November 2011. Oil and filter changed en route every 5000km. New front susupension bushes installed in October 2011. Engine was totally overhauled at the Land Rover dealer in Karen, Nairobi in 2009.
  • Vehicle has only done approx. 30,000km since engine rebuild.
  • History: Bought in Nairobi in July 2011 and have done one overland trip to South Africa through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. A total of 16000 km.
  • This Land Rover is in South Africa but has Kenyan registration...It
    is perfect for someone planning to drive up to Kenya from
    South Africa. I bought the Land Rover Discovery (TDI 300 2.5 Litre
    Diesel) in Nairobi in July 2011 and have done an overland trip to with my family to
    South Africa through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. A
    total of 20000 km. The Land Rover is a 5 speed 4x4 with High –Low
    range locking differential. It has a 900 km range on 80L tank. It
    burns no oil and has no leaks. Air con works. I am a Canadian Expat
    who travelled down from Kenya with my family. I own the vehicle and
    can provide all papers (transfer papers, registration) for easy resale
    in Kenya. This is the bonus ...resale in Kenya will be around 8000
    USD...I paid $8500 USD.  The engine is was
    totally overhauled in clutch, water pump etc
    The vehicle is presently in covered storage in Joburg (Benoni)
  • Vehicle registered in Kenya
  • Extras:

    • Roof rack
    • bull bar
    • 2 towing straps
    • Radio/CD/USB
    • 90 litre tank
    • 2 new steel jerry cans for diesel
    • Booster cables
    • Jack-all
    • Shovel
    • Fire extinguisher
    • 2 emergency triangles
    • Spare tyre
    • Adjustable air-lift shocks
    • Safari snork

  • Air con works very well.                
  • Vehicle insured and registered in Kenya with insurance coverage until August 2012
  • COMESA available

Price: 6,000 USD (obo)

Posted: November 2011

Available: SOLD


Buying and selling 4x4s in Africa


Buying and selling 4x4s in Africa


Landrover Defender Td5 110  - South Africa registered - 1999

  • Make: Landrover

  • Model: Defender
  • CC: 2500
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration: South Africa
  • Year of Registration: 1999
  • Current Location: Kenya, enroute to Cape Town at around the 27th of December.
  • KM: 293 000km
  • Price (ZAR): 209000 ono
  • Date of last service: The car got serviced every 5000-7000 Km and will be serviced before selling. 
  • History: We bought the car in August 2011 and traveled with it from South Africa up to Kenya and will drive it back now. Service was done every 7000 kms. The previous owner spent over 60'000 ZAR on the car (only labour). All the works have been done in March/May 2010, including:

    • Reconditioning of the engine, turbo unit and gearbox
    • Fitting new brake pads, fuel pump, 5 injectors, suspension,
    • Testing of cylinder leakage and all 5 cylinders are at 100 %  etc. he intended to travel to the UK (all receipts are available).


    We replaced the probshaft, rearaxels, aircondition, sealed and redid the transfer case and other minor maintenance work as e.g. replacement of the brake pads, wheelbaring. 

    We are aware that you will find cheaper cars on this website, but there was a lot of money invested into that specific car just one year ago and thus it's a very reliable car. Nearly everything in this car is new or reconditioned, so it's definitely worth the money. 


    . Aluminum roof rack and ladder

    . Four Goodyear Wrangler tires (good for at least another 60'000 km), two spare wheels and tires with secure mountings

    . TMax Winch 9500 (4 month old)

    . Safari Snorkel

    . Side Steps

    . Dual battery system (incl. deep-cycle-battery, 4 month old)

    . 6 spotlights

    . Recovery points on chassis

    . Built-in back board with cupboard and security-grid, table bracket

    . Built-in watertank with external lockable tap (75 L) and filler plug

    . Air condition

    . Remote alarmsystem with two set of keys

    . Radio

    . Eazy Awn Rooftop tent (including 2 self inflating mats and pillows)

    . New Engel 40 L fridge/freezer (2 months old) with isolation cover

    . 12 stackable ammo-boxes for storage in rear

    . Recovery gear (2 winch straps, 1 towing strap, 2 bow-shackles, large spade and axe, tyre repair set including 2 tubes)

    . Air compressor and 1 extra pump

    . Extensive set of automotive tools and LR spares

    . Camping equipment (table, chairs, 5kg gas bottle, double stove, extra-burner, plates, pots and pans etc.)

    . 220 V Inverter (built-in) for AC power from battery

    . 2x20 l Diesel jerry can

    . 2x fire extinguisher

    • Carnet de passage paperwork valid until Februar 2011


Price: 155,000 ZAR

Posted: November 2011

Available: SOLD


Buying and selling 4x4s in Africa

Buying and selling 4x4s in Africa

Buying and selling 4x4s in Africa


Isuzu Trooper - UK Registered - in Cape Town, RSA

Make: Isuzu

Model: Trooper Insignia

CC: 2999

Gearbox: Manual

Fuel: Diesel

Country of Registration: UK

Year of Registration: 2000

Current Location: Cape Town, SA

KM: 150,000 (95,000 miles)

Date of last service: will be serviced in Cape Town early August

This is a one owner from new one careful experienced driver top of the range British registered Isuzu. It's in excellent mechanical condition, with a few minor bumps and scrapes and a bit of a dent in the driver's door.

I drove it with three friends from London to Cape Town last year, with no breakdowns and no getting stuck. It had planned maintenance of a new clutch (first since new), new rear brake pads, and new heavy duty rear springs in Nairobi. It comes with a complete new rear differential which cost nearly 1800, as I thought it might be needed, but wasn't. Tyres are good on/off road tread pattern, about 30% worn, spare almost new. Engine is superb, and uses virtually no oil.

There is not much service history paperwork because I've used it almost exclusively in Asia and Africa, but it has been regularly serviced. It is currently safely parked in Cape Town and is on a Carnet de Passages in my name. The buyer would need to undertake to take the car out of South Africa before September 30th 2011 and return the carnet to me for cancellation - you would also need a carnet in your own name to continue your travel through Africa. Alternatively I might be prepared to get a new Carnet in my name with appropriate guarantees from the buyer.

Available from the beginning of September.

Price: 3,000 GBP

Posted: July 2011

Available: SOLD!





Toyota Hilux Double-Cab - ZA registered - 1997

  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Hilux
  • CC: 2,400
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Country of Registration: South Africa
  • Year of Registration: 1997
  • Current Location: Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa
  • KM: 251,350km
  • Date of last service: Full service in October 2011

  • History:
    This Double-cab Hilux has been owned since March 2006 by a British ecologist, who each year has spent several months on his research programme in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana and also travelling in Nambia, Lesotho and South Africa. 

    It was customized in 2007 with a wide range of fittings and equipment, making it possible for two people to be self-sufficient for up to two weeks in the bush.  The Hilux has been lovingly maintained and is in excellent condition. The engine has only 251,350 km on the clock and uses less than a litre of oil per 10,000 km, even when working hard.  A new clutch has just been fitted and the vehicle comes with four new tyres and three good spares.

  • Extras:
    Modifications, Fittings and Accessories described below would cost around 80,000 Rand in South Africa - 8,000/9,200Euros.
  • Large aluminium canopy, purpose-designed by the owner and manufactured and fitted by a company specializing in modifying 4x4s into ambulances.  This canopy is very tough and lets in little dust.  It has a Fixed Fluorescent Light and Point for a Fridge or Second Light, both supplied from the second battery.
  • 4.7-tonne Tabor Winch
  • Aluminium roof carrier on top of the double cab with two 65-litre plastic water containers within fitted security brackets.  This carrier is designed also to take two safari tents and two safari boxes.  
  • Rear aluminium roof carrier on top of the canopy carries two spare wheels, a spade and a shovel, all in security-fittings. There is additional room for firewood or other supplies.
  • The third spare wheel is housed underneath the rear.
  • Gravity-feed stainless-steel tank inside the canopy carrying 180 litres.  Even heavy-laden and in sand and other difficult conditions, along with the standard tank of 70 litres this gives a range of at least 1,250 kilometres and in all probability 1,400 km.
  • Also in the canopy is the second battery, controlled by a dual-battery system in the cab.
  • To deal with the extra weight of the large canopy, petrol and water, as well as all the equipment, it has been fitted with Old Man Emu Suspension system and also has strengthened springs.
  • Camping Equipment: The tents and all the other equipment described below are mainly in very good condition.  To buy all this from scratch in South Africa would cost at least 25,000 Rand (2,500 2,875 Euros).
  • Howling Moon Bigfoot 3m X 3m Canvas Safari Tent        
  • Howling Moon Crow Tent 2.5 x 2.5m Canvas Safari Tent           
  • Free-standing Awning, poles, guys and pegs
  • Ground Sheets and Fine-meshed Matting
  • Safari Boxes (12)                                                    
  • 25-litre water containers                                                
  • Double Roll-up Mattress with canvas zip-up carrier, pillows, sheets, pillowcases, blankets                       
  • Director-style Camp Chairs (2)                                             
  • Kitchen Equipment: Stoves, 2 x 5kg Gas Bottles, small stove and cylinders, pots and pans, crockery and cutlery for five people
  • Medical Kit (wide range of bandages, plasters, anti-burn and freeze-bags, medicines etc)                       
  •  2 x Fluorescent Lamps, one of which can be run from the point in the canopy and the other from the cigarette-lighter in the cab
  • 7-tonne Jack, Tools                                        
  •  Tow Rope and Tree Protector                                            
  • Bow Saw and Tomahawk Axe.

"With the addition of extra mattresses, bedding and two chairs this vehicle and all the equipment will enable a party of four to travel comfortably together."

Price: 13,000 GBP

Posted: October 2011

Available: Cancelled




Toyota Hilux Raider 2.4  - ZA registered - 1996

  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Hilux Raider
  • CC: 2400
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Country of Registration: South Africa
  • Year of Registration: 1996
  • Current Location: Cape Town, SA
  • KM: 310 000km
  • Date of last service: Fully serviced in Cape Town recently (September), regular strict servicing every 10,000km.
    History: Purchased in Cape Town and driven up southern and eastern Africa, book of life provided shows regular Toyota servicing in Pretoria up to 220,000k
  • Mechanical:
  • Brand new 'GS' engine battery.
  • Carb overhauled (stripped, inspected and cleaned) 30,000km ago and has been working excellent since.
  • Brand new front shocks, Gabriel Safari heavy duty.
  • Engine oil changed every 10,000km, High Mileage 25W-60 grade oil ONLY. Transfer, gear and diff oil levels checked regularly.
    Spark plugs changed every 15,000km.
  • Changed transfer case oil seals + rear diff oil seal once.
  • All grease nipples greased regularly.
  • Engine coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, clutch fluid and power steering fluid checked before every drive. Rarely had to top up.
  • Tyres:

    2X BFGoodrich A/T fitted as rear tyres. Had done approx. 30,000km.
  • 2X Falken-RV A/T Landair Traction fitted as front tyres. Had done approx. 25,000km.
  • Extras:
  • Double cab bakkie (Interior in good condition), 22R engine in excellent condition, standard front and rear bullbar + tow, A/C (very effective in the heat!), Kenwood CD Radio, secure canopy (steel mesh screens on windows), 140L long range petrol tank. Alarm and central locking.
  • Engine: Bosal BRO SPEED Air intake and exhaust system (Banana rack exhaust manifold).
  • Overlanding:
  • Garmin Nuvi GPS with Tracks4Africa + Charger.
  • 3X 12V power sockets in cabin.
  • Dual battery system.
  • Lamp in canopy, ideal for cooking.
  • 60L Water tank, can be used to shower as well.
  • African Outback draw system. Excellent access and storage.
  • 2X 70L Petrol tanks, always connected. 25 L external petrol tank. Total: 165 Litres.
  • Rooftop tent, custom made with mattress.
  • Basic tools, some spare parts.
  • Basic roof rack on canopy.
  • Hilift jack + Toyota screw jack.
  • Air compressor.
  • Full cooking utensils (knives, forks, pots, pans, chef knives, plates).
  • 3 Camp Master fold up chairs.
  • SA Roadworthy Certificate - September 2011

Price: 11,500 USD

Posted: October 2011

Available: SOLD





Toyota Hilux - NL registered, 1991

  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Hilux
  • CC: 2366
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Country of Registration: Netherlands
  • Year of Registration: 1991
  • Current Location: Cape Town, SA
  • KM: 163 000km
  • Date of last service: Full service NL May 2011, Check up Addis Abbeba June 2011, Dar Es Salam July 2011 and Cape town August 2011


With only 163.000 km and 3 Cape Town-to-Cairo trips on the clock, "The Beast" is ready to take on a new adventure. It is the perfect overland vehicle.  It's a Toyota Hilux so it's reliable, easy to repair and easy to find spare parts throughout Africa. It has been prepared for African roads so it's solid and will stay by your side when you need it the most. It's set up as a mobile home so it's comfortable and safe to sleep in. It comes with additional equipment that will make your life easier. For more details, see below


  • It has been prepared for African roads:
  • 1991 Toyota Hilux, 2.4 litser fuel engine
  • 5 BF Goodrich All terrain tires (good condition)
  • Back reinforced suspension + shock absorbers, Old man EMU
  • Front shock absorbers by Gabriel Safari
  • Gas installation by Prince (80 liter tank)
  • Double fuel tank (70 + 80 liters)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Optional 4 wheel drive + Low gear
  • It's set up as a mobile home so it's comfortable and safe to sleep in
  • Fully Malaria proof inside sleeping and sitting area
  • Clean water tanks (2 x 90 liters)
  • Water pump (inside and outside watertap)
  • Water filtering system (Seagull)
  • 40 liter fridge (Engel)
  • Chemical toilet (Tetford)
  • 2 x Butan Gas bottles
  • Inside and outside cooking facilities (SMEV)
  • 12v-220v Electricity converter
  • Sunroof (Omnistore)
  • Truma ring heating
  • Water boiler
  • We sell it including all materials you need on such a trip
  • Sand plates
  • Air compressor
  • Medicines

    Carnet de passage paperwork valid until April 2012

    COMESA available


Price: Open to negotiation

Posted: September 2011

Available: NOW!

Location: Amsterdam

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Land Rover Discovery 300 TDI - P registered, 1997

  • Make: Land Rover
  • Model: Discovery
  • CC: 2495
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Country of Registration: UK
  • Year of Registration: 1997
  • Current Location: Zimbabwe
  • KM: 196 000km
  • Date of last service: Full service by Foleys Livingstone on 30th July, 2011 and before that by Kawalazi Tea Estate on 1st April 2011
  • History: Bought in UK from Foleys in 2009 and have done one overlandtrip to South Africa
  • Extras:
  • Roof rack
  • roof tent
  • towing hooks
  • tow rope
  • Tyres in excellent condition, radio/cd, 90 litre tank, ipod lead
  • Engel Fridge40L
  • Second Battery, Split charge
  • Floor safe
  • Twin rear shocks, HD Rear
  • Steel HD front bumper
  • Roll Bar
  • Rear shelf and dog guard
  • 2 x 20L fuel jerry Cans and 2 x 20L water jerry cans and holders
  • sand ladders
  • Shovel
  • Full Halfords Tool Kit
  • Hi Lift Jack
  • Bottle Jack
  • External lights
  • Inverter
  • 2 Spare wheels
  • Box storage system
  • Cooking and camping equipment including -
    Twin burner gas stove, Single burner Colman camping stove, Cutlery, plates and bowls for four people, full set of pots and pans including:
  • Dutch oven, Folding washing up bowls
  • BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres replaced 8,000 miles ago
  • New Radiator fitted with new engine
  • New clutch fitted with new engine
  • New alternator fitted 500 miles ago
  • Sold with spare alternator, hoses, fuel pump etc

    Carnet de passage paperwork valid until December 2011

Price: 13,500 USD

Posted: August 2011

Available: Solg

Land Rover Series III 1980 - South Africa Registered

  • Make: Land Rover
  • Model: Series s3 (1980)
  • CC: 2.25
  • Gearbox: Manual 4-Speed
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Country of Registration: South Africa
  • Year of Registration: 2011
  • Current Locations: Enroute to London (from Cape Town). Will be
    available in UK by mid-August.
  • KM: 110 000km on the current engine (it has been reconditioned a
    couple of years back)
  • Date of last service: Serviced the vehicle in April in Cape Town
    before starting an overland trip to London. Servicing it monthly
    along the way, as needed. Put up brand 4 new Pirelli tires in Dar
    Es Salaam in June.
  • History: Bought the vehicle in March in Cape Town for an
    overland trip to London. The trip is taking about 4 months and 25,000km through the East Africa.

Extras: The vehicle comes with all of the gear and equipment
          needed for an overland expedition including:

  • Roof rack
  • 2 roof top tents (comfortably fit 2 people each; mattrresses
  • 2 additional fuel tanks (80 liters each; for a total capacity of
    235 liters)
  • 80l Engel fridge/freezer
  • Custom built shelving and drawers system + 9 storage containers
  • Dual Battery System (1 reg. car battery; 1 deep-cycle battery to
    power the fridge)
  • 50 Watt solar panel
  • 800 Watt inverter
  • 4 jerry cans for water (100 liters total)
  •  2-burner stove and 3kg gas bottle
  • Camping table and chairs
  •  All of the cooking utensils (pots, pans, etc.) and cutlery you'll
  • Compressor
  • 2 hydraulic jackss
  • 2 spare tires
  • 2 sand ladders
  • Complete recovery kit
  • Garmin GPS with worldwide street level maps
  • Custom-made side awning (to provide much-needed shade in the sun)
  • Solar shower
  • Bullbar
  • Auxiliary lights

  • All of the tools you will need (from screwdrivers to tow rope)
  • Majority of the spare parts that you'll need (we got one of pretty
    much everything as a spare before we left). The little things add up!
  • Reconditioned motor with expected 105,000km in August
  • Improved suspension for the extra weight
  • 4 brand new Pirelli tires put up in Dar Es Salaam in June

Price: SOLD

Posted: June 2011

Available: SOLD




Toyota Landcruiser, Kenyan registered 1995


    • Make: Toyota


    • Model: Landcruiser GX


    • CC: 4200


    • Gearbox: Manual


    • Fuel: Diesel


    • Country of Registration: Kenya


    • Year of Registration: 1995


    • Current Location: Nairobi, Kenya


    • KM: 235 000 km


    • Date of last service: Full service by Ndovu Holdings Ltd, Nairobi on 31.03.11


    • History: Bought in Nairobi in March 2010 from European diplomat and driven to Cape Town and back following main roads. Serviced every 5000kms (oil and filters changed). We are selling because we are returning to the UK. The car has proven itself tough, comfortable and reliable.


    • Extras: Roof rack with Echo 2-man roof tent and bedding, 2-man Coleman ground tent, removable rear child seats, radio/CD player, A/C, sunroof, plastic storage tubs, 2x jerry cans, hi-lift jack, welded jacking points, relevant Haynes manual, spade, metal tow rope, basic tools, maps and guidebooks, 2 spare wheels, rear tinted windows, South African fitted car alarm, gear stick lock, seat covers

    Price: 7,500 GBP

    Posted: April 2011

    Available: SOLD




    1980 Range Rover - SA Registered
    • Make: Land Rover
    • Model: Range Rover
    • CC: 3500
    • Gearbox: Manual
    • Fuel: Petrol
    • Country of Registration: South Africa
    • Year of Registration: 1980
    • Current Location: Johannesburg, SA
    • KM: 250 000km
    • Date of last service: Engine top end overhaul (cylinder heads, camshaft, tappets etc) plus service 600km ago.
    • History: Current owner since 1999. Two previous owners. Numerous overland trips in southern and eastern Africa
    • Extras: Roof rack, rooftent, awning, extra 140l fuel tank, 80l water tank, winch, safe, packing rack, air compressor, 6x BFG MT's, suspension upgrades, radio/tape
    • Notes:

      Fully equipped, 100% overland ready 1980 Range Rover. I'm the third owner and have owned her for 12 years. Due to a young family the Rangie isn't been used much so it's unfortunately for sale.

      1. High lift jack mounting point on front bumper
      2. Winch
      3. Spot lights
      4. Additional twin radiator fans
      5. Dual battery system with Hershy solenoid and monitor.
      6. 100amp alternator
      7. High speed starter motor.
      8. Power steering (reconditioned)
      9. Electronic ignition with mechanical backup available.
      10. Engine
      a. 3.5l V8 petrol (low compression version capable of running on very poor quality fuel)
      b. Both cylinder heads, timing gears and chain completely rebuilt 600km ago by Solihull 4x4 in Jo'burg SA, together with new Discovery 3.9l camshaft.
      c. Bores were checked and found to be good
      d. New oil pump
      e. New ignition leads and coil
      f. All above Total cost over R10 000.
      11. Transmission - 4 speed gearbox and transfer box rebuilt 6 years ago with limited mileage since then.
      12. Wiring redone converting from 3 fuse system to 8 fuses for the different circuits. All electrics 100%
      13. Suspension
      a. Old man emu rear springs
      b. Polyair rear airbags (adjustable rear ride height depending on load)
      c. Some Old man emu suspension bushes
      d. Land Rover heavy duty front springs
      e. Monroe Kubu shocks almost new
      f. Front skidplate protecting track rod
      g. Both propshafts reconditioned in past few years
      14. Interior
      a. Hidden built in safe
      b. 240v invertor
      c. Power socket in rear
      d. Jackalberry canvas seat covers
      e. Fire extinguisher
      f. Radio CD player with 4 speakers
      g. Homemade packing rack with slots for 5 ammo boxes.
      h. Space for Engel 40l fridge (fridge not included)
      15. Rear bumper
      a. Galvanised twin spare wheel carrier
      b. High lift jacking points
      16. 6 x original Rostyle wheels with BFG mud terrain tyres with an average 50% tread left (good for 50 000km).
      17. Built-in 80l fresh water tank and extra 140l petrol tank. Add this to the standard 80l fuel tank and you have 220l of fuel. Good for over 1000km of driving under most African conditions.
      18. Custom made full length aluminium roofrack plus gas bottle holders
      19. Eezi Awn roof top tent plus shower enclosure
      20. Eezi awn awning
      21. Comprehensive box full of various spares (clutch and brake cylinder kits, suspension bushes, carb kit, coil, dizzy cap and leads, wheel bearings, plus more plus some LR tools plus factory workshop manual, parts catalogue and original owner's manual.

      Some travel history on the Rangie:

      I did various trips to Botswana and southern Mozambique when I first bought her. Then I did a 20 000km, 6 month trip in 2001/2002 through southern and eastern Africa. Apart from mostly routine maintenance she ran with no breakdowns or major problems the whole trip. In 2004 we did a 7000km trip up the entire Mozambique coast. The gearbox, transfer box and propshafts were rebuilt on our return. Since then we have only done short trips in SA and 3 trips to Botswana but the car has done very little mileage in this time. I bought her from the second owner who had owned her for 9 years. Previous owner's details available if necessary.

      She's a good, honest overland truck with simple robust mechanicals and conventional electrics (i.e. no electronics) Spares are readily available in South Africa and in East Africa too. Kenya was the second biggest market in the world for Rangies after the UK and the Rangie chassis and engines were used in the Discovery Series 1 of which there are still plenty around. Since the odo only goes to 99 999km and since I have replaced the instrument cluster I don't know the exact mileage but it is under 300 000km. This is low as both the second owner and I used the Rangie as a holiday and weekend vehicle only.

      The Rangie currently gets driven every weekend. Everything is 100% and she's ready for the next big trip.

    Price: 5,500 USD

    Posted: February 2011

    Available: SOLD





    1999 Toyota Hilux Raider Double Cab, SA Reg.

    • Make: Toyota
    • Model: Hilux Raider
    • CC: 3000
    • Gearbox: Manual
    • Fuel: Diesel
    • Country of Registration: South Africa
    • Year of Registration: 1999
    • Current Location: Tanzania
    • KM: 355,000
    • Date of last service: Dec 2010
    • Notes: This vehicle may seem expensive compared to some of the others on this page however the owner swears blind that this is money well spent:

      "Yes it is all the equipment and done up suspension and winch and things like that as written. Also the engine is in perfect condition and is a bullitproof engine. There are no cracks or anything like that anywhere on vehicle.

      Even though it has 355000 on the clock the engine does not use any oil at all and the compression is perfect. They say you don't need to touch this engine for 500,000kms. I spent 13,000 USD on equipment and tools and spairs all of which go with the vehicle.

      I spent $26,000 total. so for my 1.5 year trip it cost me $6000.00 if i sell it for 20,000. These models are hard to come bye and a lot stronger than the later ones.

      If you wish to resell this vehicle you will most likely get all or most of your money back at the end of your trip. These vehicles are hard to come by and really sought after. it took me 2 weeks to find this one and as soon as it came in i got it and there were others that wanted it. I was really lucky to be in the right place at the right time."


    • History: Bought in Capetown in July 2009 with 300,000 kls on the clock, spent 2 months fully kitting and mechanically overhalling the veihicle.
    • Spent US$12000 fitting new equipment at R&D offroad Capetown, traveled overland to Ethiopia and back to Kenya.
    • The vehicle has everyting you need to step in and go on Safari. The 5L 3 liter engine is known as a bullit proof engine that does not need to be touched until 500,000km.


    • Extras:
      • Rear Diff lock
      • 5 Alloy tubeless rims 1 steel rim
      • Air conditioning, power windows, keyless entry (2 keys), Alarm system, Gear lock, Free wheeling hubs, New CD stereo AM/FM radio.
      • Long range fuel tanks (1000kls range between fillups)

      • Ironman suspension
      • R&B bull bar
      • 5 x 12 volt power outlets in the cabin 1 in rear, 240 volt inverter
      • Driving lights
      • 9000-18000lb electric winch (connects front or back of vehicle) only used once, draw system
      • 60 liter internal water tan
      • 60 liter fridge on slider
      • Dual battery system
      • Hannibal 1.4 meter roof top tent
      • Aluminum roof rack on rear cab
      • Special lockable rear seat box with cushions for camera or other valuable gear. Original seat in SA.
      • Safe
      • 1 x 20 liter steel drinking water can
      • 2 x 15 liter plastic water bottles for extra showering and cooking water (water capacity 110 liters total)
      • Two spare tires with tubeless rims, one alloy one steel, spare new tube
      • 4 mounted 20 liter diesel jerry cans (another 600 plus kls of range)
      • Highlift jack with base plate
      • 2 Toyota jacks
      • 1 full socket & ring-spanner set
      • 1 full tool kit, Tyre repair kit
      • Full recovery kit with 4 tow straps and 8 shackles,
      • Shovel
      • Jumper cables
      • Electric tire pump and tire repair kit
      • Spair water pump kit, belts, shock absorbers. Clutch plate. Other stuff.

    Price: 22,000 USD ONO

    Posted: February 2011

    Available: SOLD





    Toyota Hilux 2.8D, SA registered 1996.

    • Make: Toyota

    • Model: Hilux

    • CC: 2800

    • Gearbox: Manual

    • Fuel: Diesel

    • Country of Registration: South Africa

    • Year of Registration: 1996

    • Current Location: Cape Town, SA

    • KM: 210,000 estimated

    • Price (RSA): 97 500

    • Date of last service: Full service in Johannesbourg in September 2010

    • History: We bought this vehicle in Johannesburg last September from a private owner and we are touring around southern Africa. The car is in excelent condition and is well maintained. The previous owner only used it for weekends or trips to Namibia. The vehicle was serviced every 5000km. Great reliable car ready for a new overland trip!
    • Extras:

      120L Long range tank

      60L water tank

      Power steering


      Gear lock. Alarm. Immobiliser


      Air Con

      Two way radio

      2 batteries with dual battery system

      Emergency kit with tow straps, jump leads, 2 spare tyres

      Bull bar

      Tow bar

      New set of Pirelli Scorpion All-terrain tyres

      Partial service history

      Road worthy certificate valid

      New Garmin 1310 Gps (still under warranty)

      Tracks 4 Africa

      New Heavy duty compressor

      Camping equipment (tent, mats, pots, gas cooker...)


    • Roadworthy valid until March 2011

    • Vehicle can be delivered to either Jo'burg or Cape Town

    Price: 97,500 ZAR

    Posted: November, 2010

    Available: SOLD





    Toyota Landcruiser, HJ60, UK registration RHD

    • Make: Toyota

    • Model: Landcruiser HJ60 24volt

    • CC: 3998

    • Gearbox: Manual

    • Fuel: Diesel

    • Country of Registration: UK

    • Year of Registration: 1989

    • Current Location: Cape Town, South Africa from December

    • KM: 182,000 miles (291,200km)

    • Date of last service: 180,000 miles Oil (done every 3,000 miles) Fuel and Air at 175,000 miles

    • History: Driven round Africa by another couple in 2005/2006, we've driven it from London to Cape Town. New Toyota official Exhaust in June 2010. New radiator in August 2010. No serious problems, a slight issue with 5th gear jumping when not under load (just keep your foot on the accelerator or hold it in)

    • Notes: English Carnet until April 12th 2011. Mileage is between 3.5 and 4.5 miles/litre. Rear seats are still fitted.

    • Extras:
      • Fitted with 4 x BF Goodrich tyres, 2 x other

      • Secondary fuel tank with 120l capacity (so 200l total)

      • Custom made aluminium roof rack

      • Eeziawn roof tent - 2m long

      • Hannibal Awning - 2.4m

      • 2 x Wipac 100watt spotlights

      • 9,000lb 24v Superwinch

      • Engle 35l Fridge (12v or 240v)

      • Pair of heavy duty sand ladders (the waffle type wont bend)

      • 75watt Solar panel and regulator for charging 12V batteries

      • 24V to 12V stepdown

      • 500watt 240v inverter

      • 2x lock boxes

    Price: 5,000 GBP

    Posted: October, 2010

    Available: SOLD




    Totota Landcruiser, HJ61, Dutch registration

    • Make: Toyota
    • Model: Landcruiser HJ61 Turbodiesel
    • CC: 4000
    • Gearbox: Automatic
    • Fuel: Diesel
    • Country of Registration: Netherlands
    • Year of Registration: 1989
    • Current Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    • KM: 430 000km
    • Date of last service: Full service in June 2010
    • History: Driven from Capetown to Nairobi in 2006, used in and around Nairobi since then. Proven to be extremely reliable. Car is in very good condition.
    • Notes: Dutch ownership papers and Carnet present.
    • Extras:
      • Fitted with BF Goodrich tyres
      • Roof rack
      • Bull bar
      • Electrical winch
      • Rooftop tent (Howling Moon)
      • 2 spare wheels
      • 2 sand plates
      • Engel fridge/freezer
      • Spare parts (main spring, shock absorber)
      • Old Emu shock absorbers
      • 6x20 ltr diesel jerrycans
      • 2x20 ltr water jerry cans
      • Cooking stove
      • Radio/tape
    • Carnet de passage paperwork valid until August 2011



    Price: 7,000 Euro

    Posted: September 2010

    Available: SOLD


    Land Rover Discovery I, Tanzanian registered, 1996

    • Make: Land Rover
    • Model: Discovery 1
    • CC: 3990
    • Gearbox: Automatic
    • Fuel: Petrol
    • Country of Registration: Tanzania
    • Year of Registration: 1996
    • Current Location: Johannesburg, SA
    • KM: 135 000 km
    • Date of last service: Full service in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in June 2010 and another service in Durban in July 2010
    • History: Bought in Dar in 2010 and did a fantastic overland trip through Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique into South Africa with a great bit of off-roading across the Moz-SA border in Ponto do Oro.
    • Extras: Roof rack,towing hooks, new battery just installed, 80 litre tank.
    • Roadworthiness: We have just driven the vehicle for ~15,000 kms over African roads in the last 2 and a half months. The car is in great shape and took on the roads extremely well. The only problems we had with her was an electrical fuse problem that was easily fixed in 15 mins by a mechanic and a worn out tire (which has now been replaced). Also the car's license plate number is T372 ASS so be prepared for a lot of people laughing at you! :-)

    Price: 7,000 USD

    Posted: August 2010

    Available: SOLD



    1998 Toyota Hilux Double Cab
    • Make: Toyota Hilux
    • Model: Raider 2,7 (4x4), 1998
    • CC: 2700
    • Gearbox: 5 speed Manual, Selectable 4WD (H2/H4/L4), Differential Lock System
    • Fuel: Petrol
    • Registration: South Africa (TZ duty not paid)
    • Location: Cape Town, RSA
    • Mileage: 370, 000km
    • Capacity: 5 persons


    • 65l long range fuel tank
    • 1 goodrich all terrain spare tyre
    • Secure fiberglass canopy
    • Dual battery with intelligent charging system and power extension to the back for
    • refrigerator etc.
    • Pioneer CD/Radio with Aux In for iPod etc.
    • Gear lock
    • Roofrack
    • Bullbar
    • Airconditioning and tinted windows for privacy/security and UV protected


    • Brand new compressor
    • Tools inc jack
    • Towbar and Tow rope
    • Metal water jerry can
    • Plastic fuel jerry can
    • Warning triangles
    • Jump leads

    We bought the vehicle in Cape Town in March and driven to Dar es Salaam, putting 10,000km on the clock. Previous owner of 7 years was an Afrikaaner 4x4 enthusiast looking to upgrade. He racked up the mileage within SA on business, but every mechanic we've seen agrees it could easily do the same again. It's a strong, reliable car with a lot of life still in it.

    The car is in excellent condition, both engine and body, and comes with full service history. It was serviced and roadworthy-certified in Cape Town and Toyota-serviced in Blantyre, where new lower ball joints and brake pads were fitted and wheels aligned.

    Price: 10,500 USD neg

    Posted: July 2010

    Available: SOLD


    1987 Toyota Hilux Petrol

    • Country Registered: South Africa - CA Reg
    • Country selling: Tanzania/Kenya (we are flexible)
    • When Available: June 1st, 2010.
    • Mileage: 320,000 kms
    • History: I bought this vehicle to travel from Cape Town to London, Unfortunately life circumstances changed for me and I am no longer able to complete the trip. We have traveled Southern and Eastern Africa and the car has given us no problems. We have full service history of the car from original owners. It is in a great shape and if you want more details contact me.
      Condition: The vehicle is in top shape and has been treated properly with schedule maintenance. (Service documents to prove). Please Note: Engine was fully overhauled at 205,000kms.
    • Original Equipment Manufacturer Specification:
      1987 Toyota Hilux D/C - 2200 Petrol
    • Engine: Type: 4 Cylinder - 2.2L Petrol - Carbureted
    • Capacity: 2237 cm3
    • Max. Horse: 101 bhp @ 5200 rpm
    • Fuel Petrol
    • Max. Torque 134lb.ft @ 2400 rpm
    • Transmission: Gearbox 5 Speed Manual 4wd Selectable H/L
    • Diffs Automatic Disconnecting Differential (F)
      Standard (R)
      1st 3.929:1
      2nd 2.333:1
      3rd 1.452:1
      4th 1.000:1
      5th 0.851:1
      Transfer Box Ratio 2.277:1
      Final Drive 4.875:1
      Ratio 25.5:1
      No turns Lock to Lock 4.6
      Turning Circle 12.8m
      Brakes: Front disc and rear drum brake
      Suspension: Rigid Axle, Leaf Springs and Shock Absorbers
      Wheelbase 2840 mm
      Length 4820 mm
      Height 1760 mm
      Width 1690 mm
      Clearance 220 mm
      GVM 1420 kg
      Mass Payload 500 kg
      Fuel Consumption 15 / 10 L/100
      Top speed: 90 mph
      0-60 mph

    Available: SOLD

    Location: UK

    Toyota Hilux Surf, 2.4L turbo-diesel, UK registered, 1993


    • Make: Toyota
    • Model: Hilux Surf SSR-G
    • CC: 2446 - Engine is 2L-TE
    • Gearbox: Automatic. Part time 4x4
    • Drive: RHD
    • Fuel Diesel
    • Country of Registration: GB
    • Year of Registration: 1993
    • Current location: Lusaka, Zambia
    • Mileage: 225,000km (approx at end of trip). (195,000km (126,000
      miles) in UK, 30,000km in Africa)
    • Extras:
      2x 20 litre diesel jerry cans
      25 litre water jerry can
      Bull bars
      One spare tyre (Dunlop Grandtrek AT2)
      6 CD autochanger
      Air conditioning (recharged before trip) Two batteries - can easily be converted to a dual battery system (with split charging) Hi Lift Jack Shovel
      2 spare fan belts
      Steering wheel lock
      Basic tools
      Tow rope
      Extension leads
      Two warning triangles
      Fire extinguisher
      Safety vest (now necessary for travelling through Mozambique) 2x 42l plastic storage boxes. One plastic storage tray 20 litre cool box
      2 sets of luggage straps
      Maps (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia) Tarp (2x3m) Two man tent (220x145cm - large enough to fit a double airbed inside) Double airbed. 12v airbed pump Max Ellery's Vehicle Repair Manual Miscellaneous camping gear (cutlery, Tupperware, 2x torch and spare batteries) Body damage - cosmetic damage to bonnet. Two chips in windscreen.
    • History
      Bought in the UK in September 2009, and given a through mechanical check, including an intermediate gearbox overhaul and a replacement of the gearbox oils. The cam belt and all fan belts were replaced, new air, oil and fuel filters fitted, and a new water pump and radiator installed. In addition, a transmission cooler was fitted, and the air conditioning fully recharged. New tyres were also fitted. In January 2010, the car was shipped to Kenya, and has been driven down to South Africa, and we are currently in the process of driving back to Kenya (though the car can be sold in Tanzania, or even further afield after negotiation). Its in very good condition, and comes with everything necessary for an African road trip.

    Price: 5500

    Posted: June 2010

    Available: Sold









    Toyota Hilux- 2.8Di, SA registered, 1997 - Ready End of August 2010

    . Make: Toyota Hilux
    . Model: 2.8 Diesel (4x4), Model 1997
    . CC: 2500
    . Gearbox: MANUAL
    . Fuel: DIESEL
    . Country of Registration: SOUTH AFRICA
    . Year of Registration: 1997
    . Current Location:
    Gautang, South Africa
    . Mileage: 300, 000 (expected to be 320, 000 by end of trip)
    . Extras:

    65l long range fuel tank,
    2 goodrich all terrain spare tyres,
    Thule roof box and rack,
    Table and 2 chairs,
    2 stretchers,
    3 tarps,
    Colman coolbox,
    Maps (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana),
    20 meter extension lead and adaptor,
    2 sand trax,
    Tow rope,
    Warning triangles,
    Jump leads.

    History: Vehicle was purchased in Gautang in October, since then we have toured South Africa's National Parks, Namibia and Botswana.
    Vehicle is in good overall condition and has been well maintained and serviced.

    Price: 100,000 Rand

    Posted: May 2010

    Available: Sold




    Mercedes 1113, Belgium registered, 1998

    . Make: Mercedes

    . Model: 1113 built in 1969

    . CC: 6 cylinder 5600 cc

    . Gearbox: MANUAL, 5 gears (permanent 4x4 between gearbox for rough surface)

    . Fuel: DIESEL

    . Country of Registration: Belgium

    . Year of Registration: 1998, registered as camping car

    . Current Location:

    . Mileage: bought at 9500 km (spare truck for German civil service), now at 96.000km (can run 800.000 - 900.000 km without problems)

    . Extras:
    1. maximum load capacity: 10500 kg
    2. drove for days in the Sahara and in the Sahel, no problems
    3. inside everything is converted to 24 volt (engine 2x12v batteries / backside 4x12v batteries)
    4. heavy high jack
    5. system to remove the tyre from the rim
    6. cabine with 3 seats
    7. GPS
    8. Tachograph
    9. Davis Drive Right
    10. Radio / cassette
    11. 6 new tyres / 2 with rim
    12. Fuel tank: 2 x 250 liters + 10 jerry cans
    13. 4 alu sand ladders
    14. Water stock of 400 liters
    15. On the roof there is space to store the jerry cans / spare tyres / sleeping space for 2 persons / 8 stock points for materials
    16. 2 converters (12v ? 24v and 24v ? 220v)
    17. Extra tent + table + chairs...
    18. Airconditioning
    19. Inside shower
    20. Outside shower
    21. Toilet inside
    22. Inside cooking space (all cooking tools available)
    23. Outside cooking
    24. Sleeping space inside for 2 persons
    25. Secret safe deposit box
    26. Gas bottles
    27. Laundry machine
    28. Backside of the truck has a removable system to take out the engine
    29. Rear view camera installed

    . History:
    1. trip 1999 - 2003 western part of Africa (from North to South)
    2. trip in 2008 eastern part of Africa (from South Africa to Belgium)

    Fuel Consumption:
    Normal route: 24 l / 100km
    Desert route: 80 l / day

    Price: POA

    Posted: May 2010

    Available: Sold






    Land Rover Defender - 110 300TDi, K registered, 1996

    . Make: LAND ROVER
    . Model: DEFENDER 110 TDI
    . CC: 2500
    . Gearbox: MANUAL
    . Fuel: DIESEL
    . Country of Registration: KENYA
    . Year of Registration: 1996
    . Current Location: Nairobi, Kenya
    . Mileage: 8000 miles since recon, 230,000 miles total.


    . Full paperwork
    . Converted from station-wagon to include rear windows and two rear (forward folding and reclining) seats
    . Gearstick security clamp
    . Tools inc jack
    . Spade
    . Towbar
    . Spare wheel
    . Jerry can
    . Fire extinguisher
    . Warning triangle
    . Various camping and cooking equipment included.


    Only two owners. Company owned (Norwood Ltd) from 1996 to 2010, vehicle originally registered in UK then shipped to and registered in Kenya in 2002.

    We bought it in Kenya, gave it a thorough service and replaced or refurbished anything that needed attention (inc new prop-shafts, tyres, bushes etc). It has travelled through Eastern and Southern Africa, including national parks and long distance motorway, from Nairobi to Cape Town and back.

    In Cape Town she had a complete overhaul at Roverland, including a totally reconditioned engine - so is now ready for another full service life.

    Price: 4,400 GBP

    Posted: 2010

    Available: SOLD








    Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75 4.2 Diesel 4X4 "Troopie", SA registered, 1997

    • Make: TOYOTA
    • Model: Land Cruiser HZJ75
    • CC: 4200
    • Gearbox: MANUAL
    • Fuel: DIESEL - 7.5 KM/L
    • Country of Registration: SOUTH AFRICA
    • Year of Registration: 1997
    • Current Location: Pretoria, SA
    • Mileage: 308 000 KM

    • 96KW
    • 285NM
    • High Range & Low Range 4x4 gears
    • 5 speed
    • Dual Battery system (with intellegent charging system)
    • 4x Brand new tyres
    • Extra diesel tank 60L + 90L = 150L of diesel!
    • Interchangeable 2 or 3 seater rear seat.
    • Equipment & Extra's Included:

      * Onca Replacement front Bumper
      * Spotlights
      * High Lift Jack
      * Winch
      * Shackles
      * Branch Deflector Cables
      * Snorkel
      * OME Suspention
      * Side Steps
      * Onca Rear Replacement bumper
      * Double Spare wheel carrier
      * 2x Spare wheels
      * Roofrack
      * Twin Jerry can bracket
      * 2x 25L Jerry Cans
      * Gas bottle bracket
      * No.7 Gas Bottle
      * Roofrack bag
      * Fairly new Eazy Awn Rooftop tent (excellent condition)
      * 2.4m Awening
      * Water container bracket
      * 25L water container
      * Aluminium table
      * Table bracket (fitted under roofrack)
      * Frontrunner Drawer system
      * 4x Plastic Ammo Boxes
      * Brand new National Luna Fridge / Freezer
      * Fridge insulation Jacket
      * Frontrunner Fridge Slide
      * Tyre Compressor (twin cylinder type)
      * Double Stove
      * 2x Fire extinguishers fitted to the vehicle
      * Spade + Bracket
      * Axe + Bracket
      * 220V Inverter - built in
      * And then numorous other loose camping equipment, Pots, pans, cooking utensils. cutlery etc.

    Location: South Africa

    Price: 190,000 Rands

    Available: SOLD


    Toyota Hilux 2.2 Petrol 4X4 D/C, SA registered, 1989

    • Make: TOYOTA
    • Model: Hilux D/C 4X4
    • CC: 2200
    • Gearbox: MANUAL
    • Fuel: PETROL - 8.2KM/L
    • Country of Registration: SOUTH AFRICA
    • Year of Registration: 1994
    • Current Location: Johanesburg, SA
    • Mileage: 244 000 KM

    • A/C
    • P/S
    • IRONMAN suspensions
    • WINCH bull-bar
    • WARN 8000 winch
    • Spots
    • FRONTRUNNER roof rack
    • 2 jerry cans
    • high-lift jack
    • spade built
    • Long range extra tank fuel (70L)
    • EASY AWN awning
    • Fiber glass canopy
    • OUTBACK drawer system with fridge slide
    • Dual battery system + extra battery (for fridge).
    • Spares
    • Tools
    • Extra camping equipment
    • Rooftop tent
    • Fridge

      History: I bought the veichle 9 months ago to travel through all southern & eastern Africa.

      Roadworthiness: The car is in excellent condition both engine & body, it has been properly treated, (at Toyota garage) no engine or body break has happened while I had it. Car has no accident history.

    Location: SA

    Price: 65,000 Rand

    Available: Sold






    Toyota Landcruiser - 60 Series, K Registered, 1983
    • Make: Toyota
    • Model: Landcruiser 60 Series
    • CC: 3980
    • Gearbox: 5 Speed Manual, Selectable 4WD (H2/H4/L4)
    • Fuel: Diesel (64L Tank)
    • Country of Registration: Kenya
    • Year of Registration: 1983
    • Capicity: 4 seats, huge baggage storage and roof rack
    • Colour: Desert Sand
    • When will it be available? January 2010
    • Where will it be available? South Africa
    • Current Location: Ruhanga, Uganda
    • Estimated Final Milage: 160,000Kms

    • 24v Setup (2 x 12v Battery Hookup)
    • Power Driven Front Winch
    • Heavy Duty Roof Rack and Bull Bar
    • Reconditioned Engine (2 Years Ago)
    • 5 x Rubber Floor Mats
    • 3 x 20L Jerry Cans (Fuel)
    • High-Lift Jack
    • Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit and Safety Triangles Safari Hatch MSR Portable Multi-Fuel Stove
    • 2 x Foldable Camp Chairs
    • 1 x Plastic Table
    • 2 x 20L Water Containers
    • 2m x 1.5m Tarp
    • 2 x Self-Inflating Mats (1")
    • 2 x Large Pillows
    • 1 x 2L Thermos
    • 1 x 2 Person Tent (180cm x 210cm)
    • Small Lockable Security Box
    • 110L Tough Storage Box
    • A number of African Country Maps
    • Durable Seat Covers

      Spare Parts:
    • 2 x Spare Wheels (Complete)
    • Spare Fan Belt and Radiator Hoses (Top and Bottom)
    • Spare Filters (Fuel, Oil, Air)
    • Spare Suspension Bushes (24 that were replaced prior to trip)

    • Shovel
    • Hammer
    • Spanners
    • Adjustable Wrench
    • Trowel
    • Inspection Light with Spare Bulbs
    • 2 x Wheel Braces
    • Screwdrivers
    • Plyers

    • Cutlery (2 x knifes, forks, and spoons)
    • 2 x Plates, 2 x Bowls, 2 x Mugs
    • Serving Utensils
    • 4 x Storage Containers
    • 4 x Metal Pots + Lids
    • Frying Pan
    • Chopping Board.

      Vehicle was purchased in Kenya from an American who took amazing care of her, and it has not been in any accidents. The vehicle has previously been used for research in southern Kenya and has taken us through the Maasai Mara, Nakuru, and across into Uganda.

    Location: SA

    Price: Sold

    Available: Sold


    Toyota Surf, SSR-G, UK registered, 1995
    • Make: Toyota
    • Model: Surf SSR-G, 3.0 TD
    • CC: 2982cc - 1KZ-T
    • Gearbox: Auto
    • Drive: RHD
    • Fuel: Diesel
    • Country of Registration: GB
    • Year of Registration: 1995
    • UK MOT Certificate: Exp. May 2010
    • SA Road Worthy Certificate: Nil
    • Current Location: Ghana, but can be delivered anywhere in WA.
    • History: Imported from Japan to UK in 2007. Driven from the UK to West Africa by myself almost all the way on tarred roads.
    • Extras: Cruise control, sunroof, double batery, recarro sports seats - much more comfy for long distance, Air con and a variety of camping gear.


    Location: Ghana

    Price: 3,000 Euros

    Available: SOLD






    Land Rover Defender - 300 TDi, SA registered, 1994
    • Make: LAND ROVER
    • Model: TDI 110 1994 MODEL
    • CC: 2500
    • Gearbox: MANUAL
    • Fuel: DIESEL
    • Country of Registration: SOUTH AFRICA
    • Year of Registration: 1994
    • Current Location: MPUMALANGA, SA
    • Mileage: 308 000 KM

    • GPS - Garmin Quest with 'tracks for Africa' program
    • Front Runner roof rack with ladder
    • Galvanized (rust proof) chassi
    • Fitment of reconditioned gear box & transfer box done in Dec 2008
    • Technitop roof tent (fits two adults - comfortable & very easy to put up)
    • Recover gear: high lift jack, regular jack, large spade, snatch strap, triangles, puncture kit, 2 x sand mats
    • 6 x Goodrich tyres (4 x still got 20 000km in them)
    • Lockable safe
    • Long range fuel tank (60L + 40L = 100L tank)
    • 2 x 20L jerry cans & fitted bracket
    • 40L water tank with tap
    • 2 x Cadac gas canisters & exterior bracket
    • CD front loader
    • Duel battery system (2 x batteries - one being a Deep Cycle battery)
    • Waeco fridge/freezer
    • All electrical fitments in car (plugs for converters)
    • Compressor
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Land Rover mechanical book
    • Assorted spare parts





    Location: SA

    Price: 9,000 USD

    Available: SOLD






    Mitsubishi Pajero - K registered, 1996

    • Make: Mitsubishi
    • Model: Pajero
    • CC: 2555
    • Gearbox: Manual
    • Fuel: Petrol
    • Country of Registration: Kenya
    • Year of Registration: 1996
    • Current Location: Currently enroute to Kenya
    • KM: 200,200km
    • Price (USD): 7000 ono
    • Date of last service: Full service by Mitsubishi Kenya in November 2008 and another service in Cape Town in Jan 2009 and May 2009. New front ball joints and bushings May 2008.

      The car is in good operating condition and had a thorough mechanical check and service in Cape Town which lead to replacement of front bushings and bearings. Minor scratches to body and small crack in front windshield. Otherwise in good working order.

    • History: Bought in Nairobi in 2008 and have done one overland trip to South Africa following main roads and two off roads leading to National Parks in Kenya. Currently en route to Kenya via Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania.
    • Extras: Roof rack, new bull bar, towing hooks, tow rope, Tyres in excellent condition, radio/tape, 80 litre tank.
    • Miscellaneous: Gas cylinder and camp stove, 2x camp chairs, cooler, cooking and kitchen utensils.
    • Carnet de passage paperwork valid until November 2009. COMESA available. Sellers PIN no. and all necessary Kenyan registration paperwork present.


    Location: Kenya

    Price: 6,000 USD

    Available: SOLD



    Land Rover Defender - 300 TDi, UK registered, 2003
    • Hard top
    • White
    • 70 000km
    • 6 All terrain BF Goodridge wheels
    • Warn winch
    • Suspension- heavy duty springs
    • Roof tent with attachable extension
    • Extra fuel tank - 110litres diesel capacity combined
    • Roof rack modified TD5 expedition model
    • Snorkel device
    • 4 IPF spot lights
    • Webasto engine pre-heater
    • Bull bar
    • Interior insulated
    • Water tank
    • Tinted windows for privacy/security and UV protected
    • Detachable awning
    • Sand tracks
    • Dual battery system
    • Secured back window
    • Rubberised checker plating
    • Gas bottle holder
    • Steering guard fender
    • Dog guard
    • IP access antennae
    • Landrover workshop manual

    Location: SA

    Price: 16,000 GBP

    Available: SOLD


    Stretch Landcruiser - Malawi registered, 1992
      • Make: Toyota
      • Model: Stretch LandCruiser 7 Seat Safari Conversion with roof hatches
      • CC: 3400 5 cylinder 1pz
      • Gearbox: Manual
      • Fuel: Diesel
      • Country of Registration: Malawi
      • Year of Registration: 1992
      • Current Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
      • KM: 242,000 approx.
      • Notes: Recently new tyres fitted, New batteries, One spare tyre, hazard triangle, normal jack.

        The car is in general good condition - new paint job. No dents but bodywork has some rust. Chassis is OK. Mechanically and enginewise the car is fine. After three months standing car starts first click. No Carnet.
        Rust means bubbles under the paint. Not bad.
        Suspension and springs ok.
        Bumper in front and I believe at the back.
        Roof hatches don't affect the ride; no rattles.
        They are locked by rubbers. It is possible to force the rubbers with a crowbar or so, but not likely; people will force door/window first.

    Location: TZ

    Price: 4,750 USD

    Available: SOLD


    Toyota Landcruiser, 60 series
      • Model: Toyoya LandCruiser (FJ-62)
      • Engine: 3F, 6 cylinders, 4 litre
      • License: South African
      • Selling place - Tanzania
      • Selling date - Now
      • Special features - Double bed inside and long distance fuel tank (200 litters)
      • Capicity - 5 seats, huge baguege place and roof rack
      • SA registered
      • Currently in Tanzania
      • Year of registration: 1988
      • KM: 260,000
      • Spare parts - 2 tyres, leaf spring, shock observers, brakes pads, fuel-pump, spark wires, backup battery, lamps, fuses, spark-plugs, platens, belts, bearings, stabilizer, pistons
      • Tools - Nut-setters kit, screwdrivers, multi-meter, spanners set, spark-plugs spanner, pliers, Jack, glues, gasket maker, emergency lights, wheal spanner
      • Rescue equipment - Air-compressor, Hi-lift, shovel, toeing belts, hammer
      • Camping equipment - water jeri-cans, fuel jeri-cans, gas stove, table + 2 chairs, refrigerator, dishes for 5
      • Others - a bed inside, safe, roof rack, radio-disk player + 4 speakers, Africa's maps.

    Location: TZ

    Price: 8,800 USD

    Available: SOLD



    Land Rover, Series III, 1972

    • SA registered
    • Approx mileage since engine replaced: 40.000 kms
    • The engine (petrol) is quite new, 6 cylinders.
    • It's a station wagon but with stripped out back seats out .
    • Changed front seats, they are new and very confortable with head rests.
    • Safari roof but no roof rack, camping gear, tools and boxes fit at the back.
    • Two spare wheels, jacks, etc.
    • All the following equipment is included:
    • Item Condition
      Gaz cylinder no 10 Good
      Double gas stove Good
      Gas cartridge 220g x2 Good
      Wash basin Used
      Dustpan set Good
      Pastic container x10 Used
      Kitchen plastic box, 2 plates, wine glassesx2 Used
      Fishing stool Good
      Camping seats x2 Used
      Mini braai Used
      Rechargeable light 12V Used
      Rechargeable spotlight 12V Good
      Double inflatable mattress Used
      Inflatable pillow Used
      Double blanket and sheet Used
      Mattress pump 12V Good
      Small PVC camping table Used
      24l electric cooler 12V Good
      Warning triangles Good
      Elastic straps Good
      Awning attached on the side of the car Used
      Water jerrycan 25l x2 Good
      Fuel jerrycan 25l x2 Used
      Fuel jerrycan 10l Used
      High-lift jack Malfunctionning
      Normal jack Good
      Wheel spanner 27x33 Good
      Sand ladders x2 Good
      Folding spade Good
      Heavy duty Air Compressor (for 4x4) Good
      Tyre pressure gauge Good
      Measuring Tape 3M Used
      Adjustable wrench 240mm Good
      Tools: spanners 6-23, hammer, screwdriversx3, glue, spares, etc Good
      Recovery strap Used
      Booster cable Good


    Location: SA

    Price: 2,000 Euro

    Available: SOLD


    Subaru forester - K registered, 1999

    • Make: Subaru
    • Model: Forester
    • CC: 1990
    • Gearbox: Auto
    • Fuel: Petrol
    • Country of Registration: Kenya
    • Year of Registration: 1999
    • Current Location: Cape Town from mid-Dec 2008, May rent the car for drive to Nairobi.
    • KM: 95,000
    • Price: 8,000 USD
    • Date of last service: Oil + All Filters service Jun 08, Cambelt 10k Km ago Full Subaru Service
    • History: No accidents
    • Insurance: COMESA Yellowcard for 11 months from now

    • ABS
    • Air Con,
    • 8 speaker CD Hi-Fi
    • Electric windows, mirrors etc.
    • Camping Equipment to be included if asking price is paid.
    • Custom Roof Rack
    • 2 x Extra Spare wheels
    • 2 x 20 litre fuel cans
    • tow rope, jump leads
    • New front shocks and stabiliser links

    Location: SA

    Price: 8,000 USD

    Available: SOLD


    Land Rover Defender - 300 TDi, SA registered, 1995

    • Make: Land Rover
    • Model: Defender 110 (300 tdi)
    • Doors: 5
    • Mileage: 135,000 km
    • Registration: SA

    • Long range fuel tank (40 L for 120 L total capacity)
    • Water Tank with external lockable tap (30 L)
    • Dual battery system with electronic charge monitor
    • Deltec 105 Ah Deep Cycle battery
    • Aluminum roof rack and ladder
    • Air conditioning
    • BFG AT tires, two spare wheels and tires with secure mountings.
    • OME suspension
    • Built-in drawer system
    • 3 power pints: 2 hella, 1 harrison
    • Trac loc mounting system for fridge/freezer
    • Frontrunner under-console safe
    • Aluminum gas-bottle mount
    • Auto-armor smash and grab tinting on all windows
    • Remote alarm and gear lock
    • Radio/CD/Aux input (i-pod)
    • Jacking and recovery points on chassis
    • Tow-bar and electrics
    • bike-rack mount
    • Nylon webbing cargo net

      Additional Equipment:

    • Hannibal roof-top tent
    • Engel 40 L freezer (6 months new)
    • 9 stackable ammo-boxes for storage in rear
    • Recovery gear (snatch-strap, bow-shackles)
    • extensive set of automotive tools and LR spares
    • Camping equipment (table, chairs, spotlight, cutlery, water cans (40 L), gas bottle burner, etc.)
    • inverter for AC power from battery
    • Large spade, hatchet and machete
    • Hi-lift Jack and adaptor
    • LR screw-jack
    • 20 L diesel jerry can
    • Ratchet tie-downs

    Location: SA

    Price: 16,000 USD

    Available: SOLD


    Landcruiser 80 Series, 4.2 GX, UK registered, 1996

    • Import model
    • white
    • 120,000 miles on the clock
    • Body damage - dent in roof otherwise excellent condition
    • Turbo fitted
    • 2" body lift and Old man Emu heavy duty suspension upgrade
    • ARB winch bull bar with side protection bars and steps
    • ARB duel wheel carrier with 2 spare wheels and hi lift jack fitted
    • WARN powerplant winch/compressor fitted with accessories
    • 2x Spotlights
    • BFG all terrain tyres (6 in total - all new or low mileage)
    • Front runner expedition roofrack with double jerry can holder and gas bottle holder
    • Eezi awn T-Top 1.4m roof tent with awning and ladder extension
    • Eezi Awn 2m side awning fitted
    • CB radio (Midland) and ariel fitted
    • Outback drawer system with rear seats removed and extension fitted
    • Waeco 45L Fridge
    • National Lunar battery management system

    Location: UK

    Price: Pvt.

    Available: SOLD


    Africa 4x4 Cafe: Overland 4x4s for sale in Africa

    Africa 4x4 Cafe: Overland 4x4s for sale in Africa


    NISSAN Patrol, SA registered 1986
    • 4.0 petrol engine
    • NO carnet
    • NB: Eezi-Awn Rooftent and Roofrack have been sold separately.

    Location: Tanzania

    Price: private

    Available: SOLD


    Africa 4x4 Cafe: Overland 4x4s for sale in Africa

    Africa 4x4 Cafe: Overland 4x4s for sale in Africa

    Africa 4x4 Cafe: Overland 4x4s for sale in Africa

    Toyota Surf 2.0, SA registered, 1989


    • CC: 2000
    • Gears: Manual
    • Fuel: Diesel
    • Registered: SA
    • Year of original reg: 1989
    • Location: Cape town
    • Mileage: 280 000
    • Full service in august
    • Now travelling through SA, Moz, Mal, Zam, Botz, Nam, SA
    • Extras:
    • Top roof tent
    • Sandladders
    • Gearlock & Alarm
    • Air conditioning
    • fuel and water containers
    • camping equipment
    • large highjack

    Location: RSA

    Price: 6,000 USD

    Available: SOLD